JJ Cinch Em Up Cowboy - Male

Meet Cinch! He is our resident stud dog, goofball, lover and trail companion!  Cinch has many wonderful qualities that we have been delighted to pass along to his offspring.  He has one of the most wonderful personalities that we've seen in an Australian Shepherd.  He is friendly, loyal, laid-back yet ready for anything and he's a big goon.  You take one look at him and you immediately think, "Why can't everyone just be as happy as Cinch?" Besides his perfect disposition, Cinch has a heavy-boned and sturdy structure that is true to the Australian Shepherd breed.  He travels well and can trot all day long to keep up with us when we're horseback.  He stands 23" tall and weighs 70lbs.

He is normal/normal (clear) for MDR1, DM, CMR1, CEA and CD.


JJ Concho River Cowboy - Male

Meet Concho - our newest addition to the Ironwood Ridge family!  He is such a fun dog with a great big personality and lots of love to go around.  The world is his playground, including the living room furniture.  He is a goofball but is always eager to learn and be with his humans.  He gets along with everyone, people, dogs and he loves when he gets to entertain our puppies! He knows no stranger!  He has moderate drive and moderate energy. He is 21" tall  and weighs 50lbs.

He is normal/normal (clear) for MDR1, DM, CMR1, CEA, CD, HSF4 and PRA-PRCD.


JKS Rusty Ole Chassie - Female

Meet Chassie! Chasie is full of personality and one of the biggest cuddle bugs ever to have lived! If you're laying on the couch or in bed, you can bet she'll be spooned up right next to you and snoring.  Chassie also enjoys performing and learning new tricks! She is highly trainable and intelligent and we hope that she passes on her laid back, sweet and loyal disposition to her offspring.  She is very motherly and loves children.  Her nickname is "Chas-a-fras" or "Sassy Chassie" because of all our other females (besides Gracie!), she is the bossiest and wants to make sure everyone else is in line.  She brings a lot of joy and laughter to our lives!  Chassie is a very petite Aussie standing at 19.5" and weighs 48lbs. She is of medium bone and an athletic yet sturdy structure.

She is normal/normal (clear) for MDR1, DM, CMR1, CEA and CD.

Owned by Kaity Sevits


Horse Creeks JJ Dallas Kowgirl - Female

Meet Dallas! Dallas has matured into a laid back, medium drive dog.  She is extremely intelligent and can outsmart us most of the time! She has a joyful, energetic and outgoing disposition and is happiest when she's able to stick her head out the window during a truck rides.  She is a full sister to Chassie (litter mates!) yet she is much more ornery - we attribute this to her freckles.  Dallas firmly believes that everyone and every dog loves her and wants to play at all times.  However, she really is a wonderful dog to introduce to other dogs who may be a little timid - she becomes a mother hen!  She has a very exuberant and easy gait that would be sure to stand out in the show ring.  She travels flawlessly and sound in every way.  She is of medium-heavy bone.  She stands 20" and weighs 50lbs. 

She is normal/normal (clear) for MDR1, DM, CMR1, CEA and CD.

Owned by Meredith Sevits


Horse Creek's JJ Loretta's Country Kowgirl - Female

Meet Loretta! Loretta is a super fun, playful, rowdy and smart girl.  She is loyal to the core, typical of the Aussie breed, and loves nothing more to be as close to you as possible.  And by that we mean, she literally loves to sit in your lap.  Loretta is very expressive with her emotions - when she gets excited she goes to "bucking", kind of like a big, ungraceful steer.  It is sure to put a smile on anyone's face!  Loretta spent several of her younger months on the show road, participating and doing very well in AKC conformation shows in the midwest.  We're glad to have her back in our home, it wasn't the same without her when she was traveling! Her favorite thing is riding on the side by side with Janine in the evenings to go check cows and do other chores.  Loretta is very square built with heavy bone.  She stands 20.5" tall and weighs 62lbs.

She is normal/normal for MDR1, CD and CMR1.  She is normal/mutant for CEA and DM.


JJ One Stellar Kowgirl

Meet Stella! Sometimes we think we should have named this big girl Hilda or Bertha, because she is a big boned, stout Aussie! Despite her size, Stella maintains a very feminine structure with a beautiful head and perfect ear set. She's got a great personality to go with it and is always ready to be photographed! She's definitely on the more laid back side, lower drive yet always up for an adventure through the pasture with her friends. She is very observant of her surroundings, watches and thinks before she acts- smart girl!  She loves her butt scratched and one-on-one time with people.  She has a lot of bone, stands approximately 21" at the shoulder and weights 65lbs.

She is normal/normal for CD, CMR1, DM and CEA.  She is normal/mutant for MDR1.


JJ Rowdy Lady

Meet Gracie!  She is most definitely the head honcho of the farm.  Some might like to call her...bossy... And that goes for the dogs, the horses, the cattle, the Hound Around Hotel guests or anything else that may walk on four legs.  However, when it comes to people, she is a huge lover and attention hog.  She curls her little body in a "U" as she begs for a butt scratch.  She is a tough little gal, as well.  She smiles at you with hardly any teeth in her lower jaw after they were kicked out by a horse, wired back in place and then kicked out again the very next day by a cow.  She is a great companion, chore buddy, workaholic and an overall sweetheart who enjoys lounging and cuddling as much as she does an active day out on the farm. She stands 19.5" at the shoulder and weighs 50lbs (when she's not carrying that dang baby weight that is hard to shed!).


IWR Dot T Western Delite

Meet Dottie!  They don't come any more loyal than Miss Dottie.  She would prefer the companionship with her humans over other dogs any day.  She still loves to play with her sisters but would rather be loved on than rough house. She is a pup we kept back from Gracie and Cinch in hopes that she would possess and pass on her parents ideal temperaments; Cinch's goofy, fun loving personality and Gracie's go gettum attitude and desire to work livestock.  She's living a pretty pampered life but she would love to work cows and has the keen mind and athleticism to do so (we're just too protective to let her!).