Meet the Parents

JJ’s One Stellar Cowgirl - “Stella”

JJ’s One Stellar Cowgirl - “Stella”

JJ Concho River Cowboy - "Concho"

JJ Concho River Cowboy - "Concho"

Stella had a beautiful litter of 7 puppies on June 8th. Individual pictures will be posted when the puppies are around 2 weeks old. Please contact us if you are interested in adding one of these beauties to your family! This cross should produce dogs who are heavy in bone and coat, very biddable and eager to learn and a very good off-switch!

Concho has a clear Aussie genetic panel. Stella has a clean Aussie genetic panel, with the exception that she is a carrier for MDR1 (normal/mutant).

Pictures will be updated at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age. We are currently accepting deposits. Shipping via air cargo is currently not available so puppies will need to be picked up in person or we may be able to arrange a day to meet you at the airport if you choose to fly with your puppy in cabin.


Black Tri Male - AVAILABLE

Medina - SOLD

Thank you Williams Family of IA!

Red - SOLD!

Thank you Mascaro Family of FL!


Blue Merle Female - AVAILABLE

Llano - SOLD

Thank you Bergeland Family (and the Iowa Human-Animal Bond Society)!

Pecos - SOLD

Thank you Taylor of Kansas City!

Sabine - SOLD!

Thank you Alyssa of CA!

She’s a very proud mama!

She’s a very proud mama!