"Just wanted you to know [Shayna] has a great temperament.  The thunderstorms and fireworks did not bother her at all.  Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone on the 4th of July and she was happy to sit out back with us and the grandkids.  She is very affectionate and gentle with the younger grandkids."  Shayna - Gracie x Cinch

"You've been on my mind so much lately because of how thankful I am to you for bringing Makai into our family.  He is an absolute dream (minus the typical puppy stuff!) His personality couldn't be better.  EVERYONE adores him and he is the most social HAPPY wellbehaved boy (besides being so handsome).  The trainer we work with twice a week is always so impressed with his temperament. Thank you times a gazillion!!!!"  Makai - Loretta x Cinch

"Mike and I think Gunny is the smartest dog we have had. You can see him thinking. He misses nothing. So clever. We absolutely love him. He makes us laugh at the things he comes up with." "Gunny is very loyal. So willing to please. And, yes he is adorable. Besides the normal commands we are teching him, he is already wanting to help us move cattle...in the proper way just by watching us. He is so observant & picks up so easily." "Chassie's baby is now 6 months old, 49lbs. and I can't imagine having a better pup than him. Gunny is so much fun, full of life and smart.  Thanks for being such a top-notch breeder." Gunny - Chassie x Cinch

"I just wanted to give you guys an update on Bandit, AKA viper! He's going to be turning 2 in April, and he's been nothing but a ball of personality and fun. We had him trained early because he was so intelligent. He's had lots of room to run and play on the farm (and lots of places to get dirty too). He LOVES to meet new dogs and his manners are impeccable. He had a little bit of separation anxiety at first but he's gotten over that with time. He's protective when new people come around but quickly makes friends with anyone that scratches his butt. He loves deer antlers to chew on and anything that squeaks but if we aren't careful he can destroy a stuffed toy in minutes. He can make a tug-of-war game out of just about any toy. We currently reside in Indianapolis and make trips back home on breaks from school. In June, we will be moving up to northern Indiana after graduation. We wanted to thank you guys for taking such great care of Bandit (and all the other gorgeous puppies). Our experience with Bandit thus far has been nothing short of perfect. We constantly hear people complain that more people should adopt, and I do agree with them, but we would never trade our decision to get Bandit. We will keep an eye out for litters later this year because we're sure Bandit would enjoy a new companion when we move up north. Again, thanks so much for all that you guys do!" Bandit - Dallas x Cinch