Meet the parents of our
Wheaten Terrier Puppies

All of our adult dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered and have been tested for the PLN variant gene.


Rok N Ratchet - Male

Meet Ratchet! He is a once in a lifetime Wheaty in our eyes.  We are so proud of this guy.  He has the most wonderful, fun-loving and loyal disposition which we are proud to say he passes on to his babies.   Ratchet doesn't know a stranger and he is the life of the party, always seeking everyone's attention.  He loves to stand on his hind legs, turn around and position himself with his back up against the front of your legs for optimal belly rubbing.  He is built very sound with medium bone, is a very balanced mover and has more personality than we could ever ask for in a Wheaten Terrier!

PLN Testing: 1/1 (normal or clear)


Frisky Business

Meet Frisco! While Ratchet was going to be hard competition, I think we struck gold when it came to finding another male just as perfect! Frisco has it all - beauty, brains and brawn. He is so sweet and gentle, even as a puppy, he was so well-mannered. The world is his playground and he loves to explore and meet new friends (dogs or people!). We are excited to have him as a part of our Ironwood Ridge family and can’t wait to meet the puppies he’ll produce! He weighs in right at 40lbs.

He is cleared by parentage (normal/clear) for PLN.


JJ's Spring Into Action - Female

Meet Spring! Spring got her name because when she was a puppy, she literally looked like she was built on springs - bouncing everywhere she traveled.  This sweet girl loves to run and play with her friends and can still be seen bouncing through the yard like she did when she was a pup.  Spring is a medium bone, structurally correct and nice looking female. Her puppies have had excellent and very social temperaments! We're excited for future pups out of this awesome girl.

PLN Testing: 1/1 (normal/clear)


JJ Sweetheart of Sage - Female AKC, ACA

Meet Sage!  Sage, as her registered name suggests, is a total sweetheart.  She is the mellow girl of the bunch and pretty much just goes with the flow.  Sage gets along with everyone and really is the total package.  Sage has proven to be an excellent mother! Despite consistently having large litters, she gives her all to her babies.   We've been in love with the puppies she's had in the past and look forward to passing her gentle nature, kind eyes and sweet personality on to more pups in the future.  Sage is medium-heavy bone, has a tall and lean frame and very feminine features.

PLN Testing: 1/1 (normal or clear)


Ironwood’s Four Leaf Clover

Meet Clover! Our homegrown beauty out of Sage and Ratchet!  This girl is full of affection, lean and fit as could be and absolutely loves to play!  She gets along with all the dogs; Wheatens, Aussies and our Hound Around guests alike!  She can also be found entertaining herself out in the yard with that week's favorite toy.  She's also been known to be caught playing tug o' war with her fathers tail...  Luckily he doesn't seem to mind!  Clover is such a nice cross of her parents; athleticism, intelligence, balance, playful yet can tune it down and chill.  She is currently 33lbs and we don't foresee her getting much larger. 

Cleared by Parentage for PLN.


Ironwood’s Rok N The Boat

Meet Navy! She’s a daughter of Spring and Ratchet, and you would never have to guess who her mother is because 1) She looks just like her, and 2) She bounces everywhere she goes - just like Spring! She is a super happy, bouncy and playful girl. She is very social with people and loves meeting new dogs to play with. She is not quite as tall as her mother and weighs in at 40lbs.

She is cleared by parentage (normal/clear) for PLN.