Meet the Parents

 Frisky Business - “Frisco”

Frisky Business - “Frisco”

 Ironwood’s Rok N The Boat - “Navy”

Ironwood’s Rok N The Boat - “Navy”

Frisco and Navy had the perfect first litter of 5 on September 28, 2018! This litter is all sold and have families patiently waiting to bring them home. We are hopeful for a Spring 2019 litter so please let us know if you’d like to be added to our waiting list!


Chevron - Female

SOLD! Thank you Fritz Family of IL!

Tartan - Male

SOLD! Thank you Madsen Family of MO!

Gingham - Female

SOLD! Thank you Zach G. of CA!

Paisley - Female

SOLD! Thank you Lindsey Family of IL!

Serape - Female

SOLD! Thank you Keffler Family of IN!






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