Send a Reservation Request form or call us to schedule your dog's stay!  If you aren't sure which kennel type to reserve for your dog, we would be happy to make a recommendation.

If you send a Reservation Request Form we will contact you ASAP to confirm your dog's stay.

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(660) 216-2583

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Important Boarding Information

Please read before dropping off your dog!

THERE IS A 3 DAY MINIMUM STAY DURING All holiday weeks and weekends.


Shot Records

For all of our guests' protection and well-being, all dogs must be up to date on their shots before they can stay at Hound Around Hotel.  Please bring a copy of their shot records or have your vet fax them to us at (660)488-5286.

Shots Required:

  • Rabies Shots
  • Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza combo
  • Bordatella (recommended) 

Pick Up & Drop Off Hours

7 DAYS A WEEK/ 363 Days a Year
8-10AM  OR  4-6PM

Why these hours?
At the Hound Around Hotel, our top priority is the comfort and care for your companion.  Keeping the dogs calm reduces the amount of stress a dog experiences during their stay.  By keeping the pick up and drop off times short, it limits the amount of stress some dogs experience when guests are being picked up or dropped off.


Note: We are not available on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day for pick-ups or drop-offs.  While your dog will still receive the same standard of care on these holidays, this gives our family the flexibility to celebrate with each other as soon as all the dogs are cared for.

What to Bring

To make sure your dog is comfortable please consider bringing:

  • Food they are currently used to eating
  • A bed or blanket
  • A few toys

Note: We cannot guarantee that your dog's toys or blanket will be returned in the same condition as when you dropped them off.