Our kennel has been designed with the dogs in mind!
Here are several reasons why boarding your companion at the Hound Around Hotel is the best choice:



Your dog's safety and well-being is our #1 priority! We do everything we can to provide a safe, yet fun and relaxing environment for your dog during their stay.


The Hound Around Hotel is climate controlled.  The floors are heated for the cold winter months and dogs can enjoy the hot summer months in the cool air conditioned kennels. During the warm season, we also have pools for them to cool off in during their play time!


Each dog has their own outdoor run that they can access 24/7 through their dog door. This means being locked up in a crate all day and night long does not happen here! Your dog doesn't use a dog door? No problem! We will teach your dog how to use them or weather permitting, we can prop your dog's door open so they can still access their outdoor pen.

Outdoor Space

Every dog is turned outside into a large, fenced play yard to run, play and relieve themselves 3-4 times per day. We've recently added an additional play yard that we refer to as the "dog park".  If your dog plays well with others, they can be turned out with other playful dogs to romp for long periods of time!


Hound Around Hotel is located at our home. While some kennels have to lock up and drive across town after the work day is done, leaving dogs unattended, we simply have a short walk up to our house.  You can rest easy knowing that we're just a shot away from the Hotel at any given time.


Most importantly, the highest quality of care for your dog is what we offer!  Here at the Hound Around Hotel, you are guaranteed that your dog will be treated like family. Unlike most kennels, we do not charge extra to play with your dog or treat your dog as an individual.  We believe that each dog deserves just that every time they stay at the Hound Around Hotel.